We buy organic produce in my house on a regular basis. However, less chemicals in our bodies equals less money in our wallet, since anything organic is expensive. So when I saw a Facebook Ad for Misfits Market- a delivery service for discounted organic produce I investigated. How does Facebook know this would be right up my alley?

Misfits Market delivers exactly that- misfits. Their website describes their dedication to reducing food waste by supplying customers with produce that didn’t “make the cut” to be sold in grocery stores. These misfit pieces of fruits and vegetables might be misshapen, discolored, and otherwise not pretty enough for supermarket displays. They also claim that they rescue this produce from regional farms that are certified organic. So, buying their produce helps farms sell more produce, saves food from being thrown away and encourages healthy eating. Ok, sign me up!

When you order a Misfits box (which come in two sizes) you don’t really get to “pick” most of the items in the box. The items are seasonal, and obviously depend which fruits and veggies are part of the outcast supply. This might be a problem for some, but I personally find that we get stuck in a rut sometimes with our variety of produce, especially in the winter. Also, I am lucky enough to have a great cook for a husband who can get creative with new veggies.

So I took a chance and ordered the “Madness Box” which is $35. This is their largest box and described as 18-22 lbs of organic mixed fruits and veggies. Since I wasn’t sure if this would be too much produce, I opted for delivery every other week, instead of once a week.

The box arrived via FedEx on time. The produce was nicely packed in “pop box” recyclable paper, paper based insulation and some in compostable bags. Impressive.

The amount of organic produce for $35 was impressive too!

At the grocery store, I would have spend $35 just for the amount of organic fruit that was included!

You can see from the photo the “imperfectness” of the produce- it is evident especially in the pears. But my daughters have each eaten one a day so far, and they are totally edible and delicious.

We also received lots of great root vegetables- potatoes, carrots, onions, which we used to make a beef stew this week. We still have plenty of produce to last this week and into the next!

So, here’s hoping that my second delivery of Misfits Market is just as impressive. It seems like a cause that I could get behind and it seems to save us money. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, use the coupon code below at https://www.misfitsmarket.com to get 25% off your first order!


Because every misfit should be able to fit in somewhere! –E

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