Although I am not the musically talented blogger in this blogging partnership, I do think that I have pretty good taste in music. Doesn’t everyone think that about themselves though? I also think that I have pretty good taste in friends. Again- something everyone thinks about themselves! But really, both are true about me!

So it is only natural that my friends play a big role in the music that I listen to and the concerts that I attend. If a friend asks me to go to a show and I am not familiar with the artist, I am usually game. Again, I have good taste in friends, and these friends in turn have good taste in music, so why not trust that?

My fellow blogger, Anna and I have attended many concerts together (besides the great ones she puts on with her own band). No matter who the artist is or where the show is, it’s a guaranteed good time. Even the times she convinced me to go see Duran Duran or Queensryche (both great people watching events). One event I will never forget with her was seeing U2 at Gillette Stadium in the club seats. One thing about sharing music with friends- you start to always think of that friend when you hear a certain band or artist. U2 is definitely “Anna’s band” to me and always has been.

My husband and I are incredibly lucky have a close relationship with my brother and my sister in law, and we consider them great friends. Going to concerts is something that we love to do with Eric and Gillian. In fact, it gets kind of depressing when it’s a “bad” year for shows, and we can’t find many to go to together. We have seen Foo Fighters (my favorite!), Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more but one of the best shows together was when my brother “accidentally” bought front row at Alabama Shakes at the outdoor Boston Bank Pavilion- amazing! My brother is even getting creative with concert gifts now and my recent birthday present was a prescription bottle for “Jagged Little Pills” (keep in mind he is a pharmacist). He gave the same to Gillian and bought us tickets to go see Alanis Morissette together this June. One of the most creative and thoughtful gifts I have ever received!

An amazing show that we have now made an annual event with friends is seeing Tedeschi Trucks Band. Our close friends Wendy and Eric are big fans and introduced us to them, but it’s one of those bands that you see for the first time and wonder why you never have. Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks are the leaders of this multitalented super group. If you are not familiar with them, Derek Trucks is the nephew of the drummer from the Allman Brothers Band. He also played with the Allman Brothers for a bit, which isn’t surprising since he is known as one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Susan Tedeschi, his wife, is not too shabby herself on the guitar and has a beautiful, soul permeating voice. The rest of the “band” consists of 10 other people (yes, 10!!) extremely talented drummers, bass players, keyboard players, brass horn players and harmony singers, who all get their moment to “shine” throughout a live show. Every show is a treat and a fun time, especially sharing the good time with our good friends. Tedeschi Trucks are definitely “Wendy and Eric’s” band.

One more band that most are not familiar with, but put on a fantastic live show is a band called My Morning Jacket. They are definitely my husband, Brian’s “band”. We have seen them at least three times and even traveled to Maine to see them. It is difficult to explain their genre- but if you google them, it comes up with “indie rock, psychedelic rock, alternative country, and southern rock” Ok, I know, sounds confusing. But, I can tell you they put on one hell of a show and the leader singer, Jim James, has a hauntingly addictive voice. Also, fun fact- there is a whole “American Dad” episode dedicated to this band, because apparently the show’s creator is a huge fan. Last time we went to a show, we met some “youngsters” who seriously starting following MMJ because of the American Dad episode. Oh, kids these days!

Personally, I will stick to my friends and family music recommendations. They haven’t steered me wrong yet. –E

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